Miller High

Our elegant yet cozy Miller Lounge chair has been so popular that we decided to create an even more comfortable version. Miller High unites the lower back support of the original with a gently curving headrest. Pair the Miller High with the Miller Ottoman and settle in. The combination is perfect for reading or secretly taking a nap. Like its shorter relative, Miller High is made of sumptuous leather that ages gorgeously. The chairs also share the same fundamental design: a frame and base made of reflexive 18 mm steel and a layer of wood under the seat for “shock absorption.” The two styles of chairs look great together, too. Invite the entire Miller family to your home, lounge or lobby!

Design philosophy

Better Leather

The Miller is a proud example of traditional craftsmanship. A professional saddlemaker creates the seat from 5-mm South German leather of the highest quality. Tanned over the course of 8 to 12 weeks, the leather is then dyed with metal-free pigments to produce our black, cognac and brown options. The natural option is not dyed, so it will darken with age—it is also “squeakier” than the dyed options. All leathers are finished with natural waxes and oils.
Homage to the Butterfly
The idea for Miller originated when Serener’s Christoph Seyferth was repairing a classic of French design: Pierre Paulin’s leather “butterfly” chair. Seyferth found Paulin’s chair “astonishingly very comfortable” and set out to create a modern update.

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