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Enscribe Magnetic Glass Writing Boards


Smudged, tired old whiteboards, covered in ghosting?


Enscribe (hardened) magnetic glass boards

Enscribe magnetic glass boards are tools for professionals to present, collaborate, express thoughts and visualise ideas. Designed and built to your specifications with a range of fully customisable colours and sizes. enscribe magnetic glass boards are easy to write on and easy to clean. The surface never deteriorates.

A Superior Surface!

Enscribe magnetic glass boards writing surface is superior to standard whiteboard surfaces. Why? Because they are constructed with hardened, toughened glass!

Enscribe magnetic glass boards define toughness, endurance and longevity when compared to standard whiteboard surfaces. What sets them apart? They're meticulously crafted from hardened, toughened glass. Unlike conventional whiteboards that easily scratch and accumulate unsightly ink residue, our glass surface remains pristine over time. With just a routine cleaning, your writing surface will consistently radiate a new appearance.

The magnetic feature of the glass is a major benefit for presentation and display options.

Enscribe Magnetic Glass Writing Boards
Enscribe Magnetic Glass Writing Boards
Enscribe Magnetic Glass Writing Boards
Enscribe Magnetic Glass Writing Boards

“enscribe magnetic glass boards can be specified in any colour to suit your project. They can also be printed with any brand mark or illustration.”

— Dan Steiner - enscribe