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Light Cognitive


Dark, Dim spaces?


Beautiful light and clear skies within your reach.

Light Cognitive is the most realistic light ever invented. From the first blush of dawn, to the warm glow of dusk, our award-winning horizontal and vertical installations bring the sky to any interior, of any size. Infact the quality of light is so realistic it is used in high fashion stores, makeup studios, and camera laboratories to create consistent natural light.

Light Cognitives unique technology allows the light to change through rhythms that emulate nature.

The appearance of light can be thought of as two things: what the light itself appears to look like and how other objects appear in that light. The Light Cognitive installations might appear blue to the eye, but like the natural blue sky it doesn’t only produce blue light. Like the sky, our light produces all colors at the same time, which means the light feels natural and everything under it also appears natural.

Measuring Light Cognitive installations with traditional metrics is a limited approach. Traditional light measurements focus on singular, static light sources. We have a light field with spatial and temporal variation. Every color. Every shade. So, trying to explain LC installations in terms of traditional light dimensions, like Kelvin or Lux, is like trying to explain a movie in terms of photography.

Everything changes dynamically according to the programming of the installation – the light of ‘sunset’ looks, feels, and performs differently than the light of ‘midday.’

Light Cognitive
Light Cognitive
Light Cognitive
Light Cognitive


Light Cognitive’s bespoke installations offer great architectural freedom.  They are made to a client’s specific requirements, allowing for custom dimensions, including very large sizes, custom shapes and custom light programs.
— Dan Steiner - envoy