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Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint - Clear

Transform your space into a magnetic and writable surface with Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint Clear. The Smarter Surfaces Magnetic Whiteboard Paint provides you with the ability to style any space of your choosing while adding functionality to the space. Eliminate the need for hanging whiteboards and metal sheets. Simply write and stick magnets directly on your wall.

This great value bundle contains magnetic paint and a dry erase paint kit. It’s never been easier to get a magnetic and dry erase surface in any colour or design (except white).

The magnetic paint is the base coat. Next, install your chosen paint or digital print. Finally, topcoat with our transparent dry erase paint.

Enjoy the benefits of our high performance magnetic paint and our top performing dry erase functionality all in one easy to apply bundle.

Why Buy Magnetic Whiteboard Paint Clear?

Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint is an environmentally friendly, easy to use magnetic and dry erase paint bundle that offers a smooth effortless dry erase and magnetic surface that is ready to use in just 4 days. Choose Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint in clear for a high quality dry erase surface that won’t stain or ghost along with best in class magnetic function from our Smart Magnetic Paint. This top performing whiteboard paint is a better alternative to whiteboards as you can create a dry erase surface to write on in any size, design and colour you want.

Your bundle will include everything you need to create your magnetic dry erase surface: Smart Magnetic Paint and Smart Whiteboard Paint along with magnets and tools. You will be able to choose a paint colour of your choice to customise your wall, that will not be included within the bundle. Our magnetic dry erase paint is extremely easy to apply. The application steps are straightforward, easy to follow and can be found here.

The transparent nature of the dry erase paint in clear also means you can create a writable wall in any colour of your choosing (except white) allowing your wall to blend seamlessly into your office when not in use.

Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Wall Paint brings all the benefits of a magnetic dry erase surface such as the ability to plan, schedule and brainstorm better. This magnetic write on paint allows you to have unrestricted space and performs just like a magnetic whiteboard, with no size limitations. Throw away bulky heavy whiteboards and have an amazing double functionality surface ready for presentations, designing, planning, teaching, training and meetings at all times.

Looking for a quicker installation? Take a look at our Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Wallpaper here.

What Is Magnetic Whiteboard Paint Clear?

Smarter Surfaces Magnetic Whiteboard Paint is an innovative paint that allows you to have unlimited space to create and work with. You can turn entire walls into magnetic dry erase surfaces quickly and easily. The clear gloss finish of this double function paint allows you create magnetic whiteboard surfaces in any colour and designs you want. Want magnetic whiteboard paint in white? Then learn more about Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint White here.

Smarter Surfaces is a world leader in providing surface solutions. Add fun and functionality to your work space. Use your multi-purpose surface for brainstorming with teams and clients, planning and scheduling, project management, presentations, creating and collaborating and much more.

Dry erase magnetic paint is a high quality, low cost alternative to traditional whiteboards or flipcharts and outperforms all competitor products. You can use your new dry erase and magnetic functionalities simultaneously giving you the ability to optimise your time and maximise your productivity in meetings and team huddles

Enjoy magnetic functionality combined with our award winning dry erase formula guaranteeing your new surface will not stain or ghost. Inspire your staff or students with the magnetic and whiteboard capability during meetings or classes. Our dry erase magnetic paint is also extremely environmentally friendly with low odor and low VOC making it ideal to apply even with people working in the room. By using this magnetic dry erase paint you will actually be helping the environment by reducing your paper waste and reducing plastic usage.

Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint – Clear Details

  • Product finish – Clear
  • Sizes – 2m² and 6m²
  • 10 year performance guarantee
  • Product Finish – Gloss magnetic dry erase
  • Can be applied on any smooth surface such as doors, desks, walls and more
  • Use with high quality accessories like those found here to enhance performance
  • Creates a high quality glossy whiteboard and magnetic surface quickly and easily
  • Transform any wall or room into a modern, clutter-free and collaborative working area
  • Looking for a magnetic whiteboard and projectable surface? Click here

Kit Contents

  • Smart Magnetic Paint
  • Smart Whiteboard Paint
  • 2 x Smart Neo Magnets ( Rare Earth Magnets)
  • 1 x Micro-Fibre Cloth
  • 1 x Surface Decal
  • 1 x Application Guide
  • 1 x Roller Handle
  • 1 x Roller Sleeve
  • 1 x Sanding Block
  • 1 x Stirring Stick
  • 1 x Latex Gloves

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use the Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint Clear?
Use your magnetic dry erase surface in exactly the same way as you would use a dry erase or magnetic surface. Write-on, wipe-off with any good quality dry erase markers and use neodymium or rare earth magnets like those found here.

Can I make any surface magnetic and dry erase?
Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint Clear can be used on almost any smooth surfaces including plaster, wallboard, concrete, wood and plastic, Including plaster, wallboard, concrete, wood and plastic, as long as it has been sealed before application.

Can I paint Smart Dry Erase Paint Clear on top of digital prints or wallcoverings?
Yes but we recommend avoiding very thick or deep layers as this may affect the magnetic strength of the base coat.

Can I paint Smart Dry Erase Paint Clear on top of normal paint?
Yes, you can paint directly on top of any gloss paint. If applying on top of a matt paint, seal the surface first with Clear Primer.

Are the necessary coats in each tin of Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint Clear?
Yes, all the coats required are supplied within the tin. For Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint Clear you will require 3 coats magnetic paint, 1 coat of a paint colour of your choice (not included in the kit), 1 coat of smart whiteboard paint.

Can I use any colour paint on top of the magnetic paint?
Yes, except for white. If you would like a white finish for your dry erase and magnetic surface please see Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint White.

Do these products affect WIFI or pacemakers?
No, as the Smarter Surfaces Magnetic Whiteboard Paint is not magnetic but magnetically receptive

What accessories can I use with my magnetic dry erase surface?
Use the strongest possible magnets (neodymium or rare-earth) available here.
Any good quality dry erase whiteboard marker can be used like those found here.

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