Meet Bob.

The Bob collection offers comfort and privacy in beautifully upholstered walls.

The design, based on mobile devices utilises large flat panels and soft rounded corners which not only look great but reduce and absorb sound.

Lighting: Customers Own or built in LED spots.
Cable management: Options for table boxes are available.
Ceiling apertures: Cut outs for lighting and/or sprinklers – you can specify the size, location and number to accommodate for the light/accessory configuration of your choice.
Enclosing Wall: Optional wall can be fixed to one side to create a more private space. This wall can be prepared to accept a mounted display.

The perfect haven for casual meetings, a chat among colleagues, a phone call or a place to concentrate away from the desk.

Available as 2, 4 & 6 seat.

6 person:
D:1800 W:2200 H:2050
Table height: 720
Seat height: 450

4 person:
D:1200 W:2200 H:2050
Table Height: 720
Seat Height: 450

2 person:
D:600 W:2200 H:2050
Table Height: 720
Seat Height: 450

Make it work for you.

2, 4 & 6 person Bob:
open without roof
with half wall
with end wall
with end wall and glass door
with glass end wall and glass door

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