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Bene Think Tanks


Need an inclusive / DDA pod?


NOOXS Think Tank is disability access compliant!

A Modular Room in Room Solution and disability access compliant, the NOOXS Think Tank free standing room-in-room system offers a simple construction solution for setting up acoustically protected spaces for temporary use. Built on a modular system of wall panels and glass elements, NOOXS Think Tanks are available in four sizes and the design allows custom configuration to use.

Up-to 2.5 metre high, NOOXS Think Tank create private spaces within an open space. They have a high level of noise insulation and are quick to install. They can be installed completely closed and have an integrated ventilation and lighting system or used to create nooks and breakaway spaces. LED lighting and air circulation in the pod can be controlled separately.

Think Tank pods create privacy where it is needed. They offer staff a quiet place for concentration or recreation, after busy office interactions.

Bene Think Tanks
Bene Think Tanks
Bene Think Tanks
Bene Think Tanks


Bene takes a leading role in responsible environmental management. It is practised throughout the company, from product development to procurement, production, distribution and product recycling.

— Dan Steiner - envoy

Framery One, the world’s most advanced soundproof pod.

A perfectly engineered soundproof office pod for one, The Framery One is a highly adaptable workspace packed with the latest technology. This soundproof office pod features leading sound insulation, perfect ventilation and echo-free acoustics to let you focus on your work and connect online with people anywhere.
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