Enscribe Magnetic Glass Boards

Enscribe Magnetic Glass Boards are a solution for agile visual ideation, information radiation and thought transparency. We design and build to your specifications with a range of fully customisable colours and sizes. Importantly, Enscribe Magnetic Glass Boards are easy to write on and easy to clean. The surface never deteriorates.

The Perfect Solution
The frame-less construction of Enscribe Magnetic Boards allows any vertical surface to be used as a seamless presentation area. Enscribe’s line of mobile whiteboards allow for brainstorming and collaboration when wall space isn’t available. Whether in use or not, the modernist lux of magnetic glass panels are a design feature in any space. Where projects require a specific finish or finishes we are able to match standard Dulux & RAL colours. Enscribe Magnetic Glass Boards can have images, templates or logos incorporated within the design.

“Enscribe Magnetic Glass Boards can be colour specific to your project. They can also be printed with any brand mark or illustration.”
— Dan Steiner - Enscribe

A Superior Surface
Both the Enscribe Magnetic Glass Boards and Enscribe Mobile Magnetic Glass Boards writing surface is superior to standard whiteboard surfaces due to its hard wearing nature and aesthetics.

Standard whiteboards scratch and build up ink residue causing them to look worn out and dirty in a short space of time. The glass surface will not suffer from ink build up and a regular clean will leave the writing surface looking new.

The life of the magnetic glass writing surface is significantly longer than standard whiteboard surfaces. The magnetic feature of the glass is a major benefit for presentation and display options.

Made locally in Melbourne, Australia

We have short production lead times and will work with you to create the best solutions for your space using standard and custom made solutions.

Match Enscribe Magnetic Boards with flexible workplace solutions.

Need a custom colour?

Colour theory is a subjective philosophy. We know from experience that when it comes to colour, there are rarely wrong answers. We also know that colour inspiration can be found just about anywhere; your favourite cushion or the sun lighting up your doorstep, the brightly coloured packaging in an Asian alley. While we have a collection of on trend colours in our stable we will custom manufacture to any colour in the Dulux or RAL books.

Enscribe Magnetic Boards are Available in 4 standard sizes and can also be custom ordered to your specifications

Standard Sizes

Available in 4 standard sizes Enscribe Magnetic Glass Boards are constructed with a solid steel frame and magnetic glass panel on the face our boards can be easily mounted onto any wall.

1. 900 x 1200mm Writing/Pinning Surfaces
2. 1200 x 1200mm Writing/Pinning Surfaces
3. 1200 x 1500mm Writing/Pinning Surfaces
4. 1200 x 2000mm Writing/Pinning Surfaces

Cut your Enscribe Magnetic Board to nearly any shape

Custom Sizes

Bigger, smaller, circle, star, octagonal. We can manufacture Enscribe Magnetic Glass Boards to almost any shape.

Pen. Eraser and Document Magnets are available


Each Enscribe Magnetic Glass Board is supplied with 3 strong magnets, a dry erase pen and a magnetic eraser. The supplied pen hangs from the included magnets, so no pen trays are necessary! Also available separately.

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