light cognitive

Light Cognitive

Light Cognitive is the most realistic light ever invented. From the first blush of dawn, to the warm glow of dusk, our award-winning horizontal and vertical installations bring beautiful light and clear skies to any interior, of any size.

Infact the quality of light is so realistic it is used in high fashion stores, makeup studios, and camera laboratories to create consistent natural light.

light cognitive

Light Cognitive

Light Cognitive is the most realistic light ever invented. From the first blush of dawn, to the warm glow of dusk, our award-winning horizontal and vertical installations bring beautiful light and clear skies to any interior, of any size.

Infact the quality of light is so realistic it is used in high fashion stores, makeup studios, and camera laboratories to create consistent natural light.

About Natural Light

Natural light is essential in the maintenance of our normal physiology and health because it keeps the body’s internal 24-hour clock in time. Light Cognitive’s patented technology is designed to reproduce the spectrum of natural daylight as closely as possible. This is achieved by first measuring the natural spectrum, modelling the physics of light and then transforming it into the advanced light programs that are at the core of each LC product.

“In the absence of natural light, an electric light should try and mimic daylight as closely as possible.“
Dr. Steven Lockley, Harvard Medical School
Light Cognitive's mission is to bring beautiful light and clear skies within everyone’s reach

Case Studies


The appearance of light can be thought of as two things: what the light itself appears to look like and how other objects appear in that light. The Light Cognitive installations might appear blue to the eye, but like the natural blue sky it doesn’t only produce blue light. Like the sky, our light produces all colors at the same time, which means the light feels natural and everything under it also appears natural.

Measuring Light Cognitive installations with traditional metrics is a limited approach. Traditional light measurements focus on singular, static light sources. We have a light field with spatial and temporal variation. Every color. Every shade. So, trying to explain LC installations in terms of traditional light dimensions, like Kelvin or Lux, is like trying to explain a movie in terms of photography.

Everything changes dynamically according to the programming of the installation – the light of ‘sunset’ looks, feels, and performs differently than the light of ‘midday.’

‍A typical light can have a color temperature of eg. 3000 Kelvin. Our products range from 1700 to 30,000 Kelvin, smoothly varying over the surface either individually or at the same time. The relative magnitude of the various color temperature gradients produced also changes dynamically over time depending on the programming.

The installations are as bright as diffuse light outside on a clear day at midday but are fully dimmable. In traditional metrics: 24,000 lux close to the light surface. For reference, a strong 60W bulb is 800 lux.

As close to natural light as any light source produced across the daylight spectral family. We left out only harmful UV light and infrared.

‍Infinite resolution with continuous color and intensity shifts.

‍Like natural light the color rendering values change depending on the time of day. Light Cognitive installations CRI reach up to 99 in a wide range of Kelvins, R9 > 90+.

The human eye sees different wavelengths of light (or colours) differently. The colour blue appears to be further away, an effect known as chromostereopsis. When LC installations produce a smooth gradual color and brightness gradient, our eyes cannot observe the distance of the surface of the light making it look limitless and creating a true depth effect.

‍All this requires minimal electricity use due to efficient LED lights.

Biological Benefits

Light is one of the main drivers of the circadian system, which starts in the brain and regulates physiological rhythms throughout the body’s tissues and organs, affecting hormone levels and the sleep-wake cycle.Circadian rhythms are kept in sync by various cues, including light. The body’s response to light is facilitated by intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells (ipRGCs): the eyes’ non-imageforming photoreceptors. Through ipRGCs, lights of high frequency and intensity promote alertness, while the lack of this stimulus signals the body to reduce energy expenditure and prepare for rest. This feature promotes lighting environments for circadian health. The biological effects of light on humans can be measured in Equivalent Melanopic Lux (EML), a proposed alternate metric that is weighted to the ipRGCs instead of to the cones, as with traditional lux.

+5 meters, Light Cognitive produces over 250 Melanopic Lux (EML), DLE 02.-1.5. DER range 0.25-1.25.

Correctly managing exposure to this type of light can result in sleep improvement and SAD mitigation.


Two thousand levels of brightness per spectral component, from low-intensity dawn/dusk to three times as bright as diffuse daylight on a clear sky (not direct sun).

‍The time of sunrise and sunset can be adjusted for the daylight cycle. Depending on the use case, a custom night-time light can also be configured.

‍It is possible to program any cut of the sky dome under any athmospheric conditions in any season, for the full day cycle.

Light Cognitive Solutions

Bespoke Installations

Light Cognitive’s bespoke installations offer great architectural freedom.  They are made to a client’s specific requirements, allowing for custom dimensions, including very large sizes, custom shapes and custom light programs.

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Fixed Size

Available fixed sizes are 60 × 120 cm and 120 × 120 cm.

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Full Control

THE LIGHT COGNITIVE controller lets you adjust all aspects of the light installation sources built into your space.

Light Cognitive can reproduce human-centric natural light, with an LED innovation that follows nature’s circadian rhythm. Our installations lessen feelings of claustrophobia and fatigue, bringing illumination and joy to dark spaces.

Compared to competing technologies available, these rays of light play in a league of its own.
SUPER NATURAL LIGHT – A gradient as smooth as the sky

Light Cognitive is light you don’t just see, it’s light you feel. Natural light lifts our mood, affects our sleep and improves our health. The right light at the right time enhances our well-being, productivity and alertness.

Selected Light Cognitive Projects

Beauty retail, Zara

In this retail project, the client was looking for a bespoke skylight that simulates the sky and elevates the customer experience with the optimal lighting for beauty products. The client’s new beauty products come in a range of more than 130 colours, a mix of matte, satin and pearl finishes suitable for a wide spectrum of skin tones.
The Light Cognitive installation fills the space with a sensation of natural light. The light has close-to-perfect colour rendering. This kind of lighting reveals the colours of objects faithfully and allows the customer to see all the hues accurately. Thanks to a large light surface the generated light is diffuse, and the lighting in the space is even and without apparent shadows. This kind of light field is favourable for observation of makeup hues and materials, and very similar to the large skylights which are popular in artist studios. Light Cognitive was also selected for the ability to design skylights in the shape and size desired.
Different sizes were required to support the architectural dimensions of different stores. New, optimised light programs were developed and tested for the various skylights. The craftsmanship and design of the Light Cognitive products delivers a realistic sky view that follows the light cycle from dawn to dusk, with the precise spectral qualities of natural light.
Light Cognitive was the perfect fit for a client wanting to offer shoppers a memorable and immersive in-store experience: a dedicated section presented in an open plan area with an expansive skylight that reproduces natural daylight to highlight the new line of beauty products. In addition, an immersive online experience is available with a rendering of the store space where the Light Cognitive skylight is also a central visual part of the interior.

The Hôpital de La Tour, Switzerland

The Hôpital de La Tour is a private hospital located in Meyrin, Switzerland. It is a world-class establishment, which maintains a human dimension. Light Cognitive’s bespoke lighting solution was placed in the treatment area as a part of carefully planned scenarios. The goal is to make sure that each patient has the most pleasant stay possible during treatment. During each phase, entry of the patient, time at the waiting area, installation on the treatment bed and treatment at the radiotherapy room, there is a specifically designed light scenario to provide reassurance and restfulness to the patient.
Furthermore, energy-enhancing light is gradually introduced after the treatment when the patient is leaving the area. The lighting project was planned by using Light Cognitive technology. The result is a caring environment where high-quality services provide patients with optimum comfort.

Luxury retailer, Kuwait

When a high-end luxury goods brand opened a new store in Kuwait, Light Cognitive was chosen to create an extraordinary light element: a sophisticated 3.5-metre-wide LED skylight above a central winding terazzo staircase. The client wanted to introduce a light element that could bring a hyperreal sky view to the space, in a custom size. Light Cognitive worked together with a team of architects and designers to achieve the desired effect.
The bespoke round installation was designed, produced, and installed by LC. Each LC luminaire is crafted by hand by an expert from the Light Cognitive team. The company’s unique lighting philosophy is the work of its founder, Mr. Salomaa, who wanted to bring the sky indoors in the most authentic way by following the daily cycle and recreating every hue of the daylight – aiming to not only replicate the spectral qualities of natural light but also to capture the essential beauty of the sky. The result is an uplifting skylight and a space of refined elegance to welcome clients to the majestic store.

BIT.BIO Headquarters, Cambridge

Cambridge-based synthetic biology company Bit.Bio chose Light Cognitive lighting for their new Cambridge headquarters, which opened in September 2021. Creativity and open minds are encouraged in this team of pioneers, which includes experts in stem cells, cellular reprogramming, mathematical modelling, and cell therapy. According to architect Helene Kotter, the aim was to create a sustainable office space by applying Light Cognitive light panels to the meeting rooms and amphitheatre.
With their natural light spectrum, Light Cognitive light panels create a beautiful atmosphere and enhance the wellbeing of everyone using the space. As Helene says, “It was very important to us to create spaces that people feel comfortable and supported in. Elements like the LC light panels help people to recharge and relax and thus be more productive.” Bit Bio also installed a large, wall-mounted light panel in the meditation room. Employees are now able to take advantage of the beautiful light when taking a break to recharge. “It was a pleasure to work with the team at Light Cognitive,” says Helene, “They were very responsive and helped us think through the details of application and installation.”

Retail project, UK

A global fashion brand renovated its flagship store in London in 2021. Light Cognitive was invited to design and build a large, custom sized light element to give the ceiling the appearance of the sky. A new U-shaped sky design was developed to complement the existing architecture of the store, and the light fields were optimized to this shape to create a natural appearance.
In spite of the U shape, needed for the structure of the space, the sky installation above the staircase feels limitless and continuous. In fashion, it is important to maintain realistic and natural color rendition of materials, and this can be achieved with Light Cognitive’s advanced natural light technology. Here, it was equally important to think about customer experience, and to integrate an interesting architectural light element to create a unique ambiance that expresses the brand.

Paulig Headquarters, Helsinki

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Light Cognitive was invited to be part of the renewal of the Juhla Mokka multi-use space inside the Paulig Headquarters building, which is connected to the Vuosaari Roastery. Located in Helsinki, the building serves as the headquarters of the family owned Paulig group. The goal of the renovation was to improve the use and feel of the windowless underground space. Juhla Mokka is used for various events including trainings, seminars, and Pilates classes. Light Cognitive brings an authentic feeling of daylight as two large window-like lighting installations have been integrated into the space. The lighting offers different moods such as Day Cycle, Morning Sky, Midday, and Sunset.

L’Oréal Academy, Helsinki

The world leader in beauty, L’Oréal, has a truly global presence in 130 countries across five continents, and the L'Oréal Academy, located in the heart of Helsinki, offers the most innovative education in disciplines such hair styling, colour and cutting. The L’Oréal Academy space was extensively renovated. The premises are mostly underground in a basement area, so lighting was a key and critical topic from the beginning. In addition to a runway for fashion shows, the space includes a colour bar, coffee area, waiting lounge, and styling area. An impressive 10-square-metre Light Cognitive illuminated ceiling was installed above this runway, providing a glare free lighting surface, perfect for hair styling.
No distracting shadows are created, and the Light Cognitive sky element has a very high colour rendering index, revealing each and every colour faithfully. The L’Oréal Academy space is aesthetic, functional and supports the wellbeing of the Academy’s employees and visitors during long training days. Light Cognitive fulfilled these requirements by introducing a large, custom sized ceiling that truly mimics natural light and gives a more spacious feel to the basement area that users want to work in.

Hotel St. George, Helsinki

The Hotel St. George, opened in Helsinki in 2018, was based on an ambitious concept – expanding the customer experience to include new dimensions and new perspectives on total wellbeing. It is Light Cognitive’s mission to help people live better, whether they need help recovering from the effects of travel or dealing with the Finnish seasons, or simply want to feel rested and refreshed every day.
To quote the spa: “A moment with LC is a moment with healing light.” Early in the Hotel St. George planning process it was clear that wellbeing would have a key role when it came to choosing elements for the spa. One of the main features at St. George Care is the Light Cognitive light wall which greets guests as they enter the spa. Light Cognitive recreates natural light in indoor spaces, supporting the viewer’s 24-hour circadian cycle – a compelling idea for the hotel design team. The team was equally impressed by the premium quality of the light as well as by the renowned advisor of the Light Cognitive team, Dr Steven Lockley, an associate professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School.
Light Cognitive innovation supports the spa’s ideology; St. George Care offers much more than just spa and fitness treatments – it offers an entire way of living. Linda Ekholm, the Head of Wellness Experiences at St George Hotel Spa, concludes, “Light Cognitive’s light wall feels natural and refreshing. We couldn’t imagine this space without it anymore!”

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