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Framery Soundproof Meeting Pods


Not enough meeting rooms?


Consider office pods instead of constructing new meeting rooms

A recent study highlights the cost-effectiveness of office pods over building new meeting rooms. Framery, in collaboration with CBRE Finland, compared the expenses of Framery soundproof office pods to equivalent meeting rooms in Europe, North America, and Asia. This repeat analysis yielded valuable insights for office tenants and managers seeking to optimize their workspace.

The study underscores a global trend: traditional office layouts don't align with the evolving workforce's needs. Meetings are becoming smaller and more virtual, with 90% involving remote participants. Modern offices require quiet areas for calls and smaller meetings, yet suitable meeting rooms are scarce, especially in contemporary open-plan spaces. Companies now face a pivotal choice: invest in more walls or embrace versatile pods to adapt to the changing demands of the modern workplace.

Framery Q and 2Q office pods are ideal for face-to-face or hybrid meetings, brainstorming sessions, and important conversations in private without disturbing the office – or the office disturbing you.

Framery Soundproof Meeting Pods
Framery Soundproof Meeting Pods
Framery Soundproof Meeting Pods
Framery Soundproof Meeting Pods
“One of our popular options, the Framery 2Q is the perfect space for team meetings but at a fraction of the cost of building a separate meeting room.
Dan Steiner, Director Envoy

Framery One, the world’s most advanced soundproof pod.

A perfectly engineered soundproof office pod for one, The Framery One is a highly adaptable workspace packed with the latest technology. This soundproof office pod features leading sound insulation, perfect ventilation and echo-free acoustics to let you focus on your work and connect online with people anywhere.
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