Chameleon Portable

The details determine the aesthetic value of this whiteboard. A real buffalo leather strap, a rubber trim; Chameleon Portable deserves a place where it can be seen. In fact several places, because being portable, it lets you take information with you.

Why a Chameleon Portable Whiteboard?

Hang this whiteboard over your shoulder and take your notes and information with you to any meeting. Hang it up or put it down and you can get to work at once.

A foam sheet core minimises the weight whilst giving the necessary stability.

Chameleon Portables are manufactured in the Netherlands and the CO2 emissions are fully compensated.

  • Surface: double sided double coated enamel, white
  • Warranty on writing surface: lifetime warranty on perfect writing and erasing
  • Product warranty: 2 years on structure and defects
  • Magnetic surface: for all types of magnets
  • Scratchproof and resistant to cleaning materials and chemicals
  • Thickness: 42 mm
  • Edge finishing: black rubber, shock absorbing
  • Strap: real buffalo leather, cognac colour
  • Duurzaamheid: uitgestoten CO2 wordt 100% gecompenseerd


The Chameleon Portable can be hung up by the strap on the accompanying portable button. This can easily be attached to the wall with 2 screws. Use several buttons in one or more spaces so that the Portable can be hung up anywhere and in any place. It can be set down on the floor or on a table too.
Because the strap passes over 2 sides in the L and XL version, the Portable can be hung in portrait or landscape mode.

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