Chameleon Mobile

This elegant whiteboard is mobile, making it easy to take into any workplace. Particularly in an open plan office, where desks are often not placed against a wall, the benefits of a mobile, standalone writing board are obvious.

Why a Chameleon Mobile?

This mobile whiteboard is ideal for flexible use of space. Start a pop-up meeting with the Chameleon Mobile and then move the whiteboard to a workplace to develop plans.

The acoustic panels are made from recycled PET bottles that are processed into a strong sound-absorbent felt. The felt is also suitable as a pin board. Chameleon mobile has transparent one-direction skate wheels instead of castor wheels. This makes the frame even sturdier when writing.

Chameleon Mobiles are manufactured in the Netherlands and are 100% CO2-neutral.

  • Writing surface: Double coated enamel, white, blue or grey
  • Pinning surface: PET-felt (60% gerecycled PET-bottles)
  • Warranty writing surface: lifetime warranty on perfect writing and erasing
  • Warranty pinning surface: 2 years
  • Product warranty: 2 years on structure and defects
  • Magnetic surface: for all types of magnets
  • Writing surface scratchproof and resistant to cleaning materials and chemicals
  • Acoustics performance PET-felt: ɑw 0,25 | NRC 0,30
  • Flamability PET-felt: tested to EN 13501 – 1:2007 + A1:2009
  • Pulling strap: real buffalo leather
  • Moveable: with transparant skate wheels
  • Sustainability: 100% compensation for CO2 emissions


The Chameleon Mobile is easy to assemble using just 2 bolts. These bolts are screwed onto the bottom of the frame, through 2 holes in the foot frame. Then the leather loop just needs to be attached. Quick and easy!

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