Chameleon Momentum

For many organisations, spontaneous consultations are the basis for streamlined communication. Most importantly, the best ideas emerge from the resulting creative flow. Therefore, Chameleon Momentum is the go-to movable whiteboard for recording these results.

Why a Chameleon Momentum?

Create extra writing surface in a moment. These lean-to boards can be used when spaces are used flexibly. For example, to start a quick pop-up meeting.

A Sharp whiteboard has an enamel layer with a double coating. That ensures a scratchproof and porous-free writing surface. There’s a good reason why you receive a lifetime warranty for writing and perfect erasing.

  • Surface: ‘Double coated’ enamel, white
  • Warranty on writing surface: lifetime warranty on perfect writing and erasing
  • Product warranty: 2 years on structure and defects
  • Magnetic surface: for all types of magnets
  • Scratchproof and resistant to cleaning materials and chemicals
  • Weight: 10,9 kg
  • Thickness: 25 mm
  • Tubular frame: powder coated aluminum, same colour as writing surface
  • Sustainability: 100% compensation for CO2 emissions
  • Sustainability: FSC® certified (Licence code C137061)

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