Docks Modular Furniture

Docks is a modular furniture system which allows you to create different islands within a room. With docks, ophelis offers a solution to the wide range of new challenges in the office. Transitional zones – complementing the classic desk workstation – are intended to meet the needs of changing working environments.

The large number of modules allow individual configurations to be flexibly created, from waiting and lounge areas to acoustically and visually shielded communication areas in open space and temporary sitting and standing workstations. Formally coordinated add-ons such as lights, seating and side tables, which become part of the system via the add-on panel, round off ophelis docks and offer additional options for adaptation to personal requirements. In combination with the intelligent cable management, ophelis docks becomes the optimal workstation.
Islands in a room
  • Modular and freely combinable furniture system
  • All retreat, communication and intermediate areas form a coherent system
  • Variety: in addition to upholstered elements with backrest, boards, tables, high and standing benches at lounge, sitting and standing height are also available
  • Invisible cable routing in the frame allows flexible power supply
  • “Bricks” modules offer additional benefits as e-box, planting bowl, container or lap table for conveniently working at lounge level
  • Visual and acoustic shielding via partitions
  • Additional components: Stools, armchairs, high back chairs, wing chairs, laptable floor, cushions, headrests and arm cushions
  • The basic module is a 90×90 cm cube , which provides “infinite” design options based on a 15 cm grid pattern
  • Additionally: Pre-configured elements 60 cm in depth for restricted layouts or wall-facing arrangement
  • Variety of design options thanks to broad range of textiles

How it works.

ophelis docks is designed as a modular furniture system which creates connections and transitions, provides both a place of retreat and a place to meet, supports the office community and gives the individual space.
The modules can be put together in such a way as to provide shielding in terms of sight and sound or designed as open-plan meeting areas.
This means that working environments can be configured to meet the requirements of individual companies and teams.

What it can do.

Those who work in open plan offices alongside others need different areas according to the task at hand ("activity based working“) as well as individual preference and mood ("mood based working“). Transitional zones – complementing the classic desk workstation – meet the individual needs of our changing working environments. These spaces enable working and communication but also offer enough space for retreat.
ophelis docks seating elements can be expanded with U- and L-shaped partition screens to form shielded areas.
A docks suite can therefore become a structural element – a visually and acoustically shielded island in a room – in which project teams can spontaneously meet and confer.
Likewise, semiprivate workspaces can be configured away from individual desks.

What it enables.

When workspace is regarded increasingly as living space, why shouldn‘t it also be designed to be as varied, comfortable and cosy as possible?
ophelis docks is a comprehensive modular system which enables flexible transitions from desk to comfortable yet stimulating islands in the middle of the office.
For teamwork or project work, coordination or discussion – or simply for a temporary change of scene.

What it creates.

At first glance, ophelis docks tables, highbenches and standing benches seem to have little to do with traditional office work.
The wood surfaces of the tables bring warmth to the room, while the extensive selection of fabrics on the seating modules enhance the sophisticated yet convivial ambience.
With the addition of elements with a depth of 60 cm, ophelis docks also creates the ideal solutions even when space is at a premium.

For teamwork or project work, coordination or discussion