Sum Modular Seating

Sum is a modular seating system for configuring islands within a room. The product concept is based on three core elements: base, partition and cushion. These can be combined in an additive and modular fashion. In combination with the seven frame colours and the wide range of fabrics, a large number of seating elements can be combined.

Seating can be arranged along one side only, facing one another or as an L-shaped, T-shaped or X-shaped layout. Versatile cubicles in various sizes can also be configured, thus creating open or enclosed communication areas where teams and project groups can focus on exchanging their ideas. The system is complemented by matching add-on tables that can be fixed to the furniture or placed as free-standing units.

One configuration – many options!
  • Light and flexible seating system for configuring islands within the room
  • The product idea is based on three core elements: Base, partition and cushion
  • The design vocabulary is clear, modular and additive
  • A variety of seating furniture can be easily combined: from simple stools, benches and armchairs to sofas
  • Partitions of different heights determine the degree of shielding
  • Depending on the extent of retreat and discretion required, partitions can be configured as an L-shape or a U-shape
  • Different tables serve as flexible bridges, go-betweens and add-ons
  • Integrated power supply options
  • Numerous configurations: Seven frame colours and a broad range of textiles
  • Seating can be arranged single-sided, facing one another or as L-shaped, T-shaped or X-shaped layouts
  • The scope of possible applications ranges from creating islands in the office to furnishing communal areas and domestic living space

Focus and concentration first requires relaxation

Depending on the form and arrangement, the high partition screen creates a seating area which is shielded from surrounding sights and sounds.

The high partition screens serve not only, in their primary function, as shielding on the ophelis sum seating element, but as a way of dividing space and improving the acoustic conditions within a room.

Wherever talking and chatting happens, teamwork happens.

For meetings which are too big for the individual workstation but too small or spontaneous for the conference room, ophelis sum allows versatile cabins to be arranged in various sizes.
Islands can be created in open or closed configurations for teams and project groups wishing to engage in focused discussion every once in a while.
Discussions can take place in a healthy, secluded environment without disturbing other colleagues.

Set down. Switch Sides. Move around.

Different tables serve as bridges, go-betweens and add-ons. The add-on table is available either as an element which can be positioned flexibly or as a rotatable surface which is permanently attached to the base element and which can be attached easily.
The side table offers more surface space and dovetails with the system in terms of its dimensions. The bridge-type table links the basic elements.

Arriving means looking around and staying.

The smallest unit is the single-seater stool, an upholstered section without partition screen.
This provides an opportunity for a quick break.
As a two or three-seater it becomes a bench, and is only given form in combination with the L- or U-shaped partition screen.

Provide zones for communication