Chameleon Projection Board

Readability can be a problem in large spaces. This Chameleon Projection Board gives you an oversized projection surface of 88 or 100 inches (16:10 ratio). Combined with the current-generation projectors, this offers truly amazing image quality. The board is entirely frameless, so that it fits any interior beautifully.

Why a Chameleon Projection Board

Oversized projection surface of 88 or 100 inches (16:10 proportion). In combination with the modern generation of projectors, this produces amazing image quality without hotspot. The large viewing angle allows for everyone in the room to see the projected image.

Available in 2 variants for interactive projectors with pen-touch or finger-touch technology. The projection board for projectors with finger touch has a bulge or the touch sensor. This means the whole board can be used for projection. Finished with black edges for an attractive contrast.

  • Projection size: 88 of 100 inch, 16:10
  • Surface: ‘Double coated’ Mica enamel
  • Warranty on surface: lifetime warranty
  • Product warranty: 2 years on structure and defects
  • Magnetic surface: for all types of magnets
  • Scratchproof and resistant to cleaning materials and chemicals
  • Thickness: 10 mm
  • Edge finishing: Black edges with rounded corners
  • Sustainability: 100% compensation for CO2 emissions
  • Sustainability: FSC® certified (Licence code C137061).

  • 146x216 cm
  • 135 x 216 cm
  • 129 x 189 cm
  • 118 x 189 cm

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