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Smart Magnetic Wallpaper

Turn any wall into a high performing magnetic surface in just one easy application with Smart Magnetic Wallpaper.

Hang like any wallpaper, use just like any magnetic surface without the hassle of traditional magnetic boards.

Enjoy the benefits of a high performance magnetic surface in one quick and easy to install wallpaper.

Why Buy Smart Magnetic Wallpaper?

Smart Magnetic Wallpaper is an environmentally friendly, easy to hang magnetic wallcovering that offers a smooth seamless surface that will be ready to use in just 24 hours.

This magnetic wallcovering comes pre-primed making it an ideal surface to topcoat with any colour of your choosing. You can even top coat with our dry erase paint in white or clear for a double function wall in white or a colour of your choice.

This magnetic wallpaper is a high quality wallcovering that transforms surfaces into collaborative and effective workspaces that will enhance creativity.

Our magnetic wallpaper is easy to install and can be hung horizontally, vertically or even on curved rounded walls. Please note we recommend hanging the wallpaper horizontally to facilitate working at eye level. The application steps are straightforward and easy to follow and can be found here.

Smarter Surfaces Magnetic Wallpaper brings all the benefits of a magnetic surface such as ability to plan and brainstorm better, as well as the benefits of a wallpaper such as quick installation and a smooth finish. Throw away your bulky, heavy magnetic boards and have white magnetic wallpaper ready for presentations, designing, planning, speeches, teaching, training and meetings at all times. This magnetic wallpaper liner is much stronger than traditional magnetic boards and twice as fast to install as magnetic paints.

Transform and modernise walls, offices and classrooms in one quick and easy application. Hang your magnetic wallpaper with Smart Vinyl Over Vinyl Wallpaper Adhesive for the best possible application. Please note regular adhesive is not suitable with our magnetic wallcoverings a vinyl over vinyl adhesive must be used. Topcoat with any of our Smart Whiteboard Paint for a magnetic and dry erase surface.

What Is Smart Magnetic Wallpaper?

Magnetic wallpaper is an innovative wall covering that allows you to have unlimited space to create and work with. You can turn entire walls into magnetic surfaces quickly and easily. The white matt finish of this wallpaper allows your surface to blend effortlessly into your workspace when not in use.

Smarter Surfaces is a world leader in providing innovative surface solutions. Add fun and functionality to your work space. Use your functional surface for brainstorming with teams and clients, planning and scheduling, project management, presentations, creating and collaborating and much more. Magnetic wallpaper is a high quality alternative to heavy magnetic sheets or flip charts and outperforms all competitor products when it comes to quality and customer support.

Enjoy the best in class magnetic functionality in this pre-primed magnetic wall covering meaning you can topcoat with any colour of your choosing. Inspire your staff or students with the magnetic capabilities of this wallpaper during meetings or day to day work life. Our Smart Magnetic Wallpaper is extremely environmentally friendly with no odor and low VOC making it ideal to install even with people working in the room. By using this innovative wall covering you will actually be helping the environment by reducing your metal usage.

Your new smart surface will be ready to use in 48hours and will also have a seamless white matt finish. Impress your clients and staff alike with the smoothest best performing magnetic surface on the market. All of our wallpapers have been independently tested and certified for classification of reaction to fire.

Smart Magnetic Wallpaper Details

  • Product colour – White
  • Thickness of 0.60mm
  • 10 year performance guarantee
  • Use Smart White Primer only on very absorbent surfaces
  • Dimensions - 10m² = 1.22m x 8.25m
  • Create high quality matt magnetic surfaces quickly and easily
  • Can be applied on any smooth surface such as doors, desks, walls and more
  • Use with high quality accessories like those found here to enhance performance
  • Transform any wall or room into a modern, clutter-free and collaborative working area
  • Product Finish – Matt Magnetic. Looking for a gloss finish dry erase magnetic wallpaper? Click here
  • All of our wallcoverings have been independently tested and certified for classification of reaction to fire

Kit Contents

  • 1 x Magnetic Wallcovering (10m²)

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I hang this Smart Magnetic Wallpaper?

Smart Magnetic Wallpaper is very easy to hang and can be hung like any other wallcovering. You can choose to hang the wallpaper horizontally or vertically. We would recommend hanging the wallpaper horizontally to facilitate working at eye level.

What should I use to attach the Smarter Surfaces Magnetic Wallcovering to the wall?

For all our magnetic wallpapers you must use a vinyl over vinyl adhesive such as our Smart Vinyl over Vinyl Adhesive that can be found here.

How soon after application can I use the Smart Magnetic Wallpaper?

Allow 48 hours for the adhesive to fully dry before using the wallcovering.

Can the Magnetic Wallcoverings be applied on any wall?

Yes, Smarter Surfaces Magnetic Wallcovering can be applied on any wall, even on curved walls.

What direction should I hang the Smart Magnetic Wallpaper?

We recommend hanging the wallpaper horizontally to facilitate working at eye level. This will also minimise joints on magnetic areas. However our wallcoverings can be hung horizontally or vertically.

What type of magnets can I use with Smart Magnetic Wallcovering?

Smart Neo Magnets or rare earth magnets should be used as these are the strongest available. For convenience you can find these magnets here.

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