Classic Floor Screen

The Classic floor screen, a very popular member of our family has a minimal design combined with maximum noise reduction. Their interior consists of stone wool creates a comfortable sound environment. Classic can be used by itself or be connected with other pieces to shield off differently sized environments.


Widths: 600, 800, 1000, 1200 mm
Heights: 1200, 1500, 1900 mm
Thickness: 68 mm


An MDF core with mineral wool filling and external cover of textile.

Standard Fabrics

Cara, Carlow from Camira Fabrics, price class 1
Event Screen from Gabriel, price class 1
Blazer Lite from Camira Fabrics, price class 2
Twist from Gabriel, price class 2
Floyd Screen from Kvadrat, price class 2
Gaja from Gabriel, price class 3
Remix from Kvadrat, price class 3
Blazer, Synergy from Camira, price class 3
Melange Nap, Fiord from Kvadrat, price class 4

For other fabrics, request quotation.

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