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Supercell + Framery Smart Pods

June 6, 2024
Supercell uses Framery pods to create work environments that support and inspire the people who work there.

Case | Supercell + Framery Smart Pods

As a company deeply rooted in creativity and innovation, Supercell uses Framery pods to create work environments that support and inspire the people who work there.

In the fast-paced world of mobile gaming, Supercell stands out for its innovative games and unique company culture. With a mission to create games that resonate with millions of players worldwide, Supercell prioritizes collaboration, creativity, and employee well-being.

As a company deeply rooted in creativity and innovation, Supercell places special emphasis on creating work environments that support and inspire the people who work there.

“Framery has helped solve our lack of spaces for ad hoc calls and meetings.”

That’s one of the driving factors that resulted in Supercell’s Helsinki headquarters being the first office to house the new Framery smart pods – anywhere in the world.

The stunning spaces of Supercell

A long-time Framery customer, Supercell has grown from a small team of passionate developers to a global leader in mobile gaming. With headquarters in Helsinki, Supercell has expanded its global presence with offices in Shanghai, San Francisco, and Seoul.

With a total of 35 Framery pods spread throughout their global offices – including two brand new Framery smart pods sitting proudly in their Helsinki HQ.

Wood City

Known throughout the design and architecture world as “Wood City,” Supercell’s beautiful Helsinki premises is a marvel of office architecture – serving as a manifestation of their commitment to creativity, innovation, and community.

“We have several Framery pods in team spaces and throughout open areas of the office.”

This beautifully-constructed space, complete with shared spaces, impressive architectural features, and a day-care center for employees’ children, further reinforces the company’s commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive workplace culture.


Helsinki-based Anttinen Oiva Architects worked closely with Supercell to create the now-famous workplace. The design incorporates flowing wooden arches that mirror the craftsmanship and attention to detail found in their game development process.

“The new smart pods feel so much more spacious. The added adjustability is a really great feature.”

Natural light pours in from well-placed skylights to illuminate collaborative spaces and offices throughout the 9-floor building. And characters from Supercell’s games are sprinkled throughout the open and spacious office layout – fostering a sense of inspiration and teamwork among employees.


Supercell is committed to providing a conducive work environment. Recognizing the value of private spaces for meetings, calls, and focused work, Supercell first started integrating Framery pods into its workplace design in 2018.

Framery pods have helped Jaana Ikäheimonen and the Office Experience Team foster a collaborative culture. “We have several Framery pods in team spaces and throughout open areas of the office,” says Jaana.

Supercell & Framery smart pods

With the March 2024 installation of Framery Four and Framery One Compact, Wood City officially became the first office in the world with Framery’s new smart pods – outside of Framery HQ.

“The soundproofing is even better than ever, and we love the upgrades to ventilation and lighting.”

Highlighting their position as a forward-thinking organization, the early-implementation of innovative technologies demonstrates their dedication to creating an exceptional workplace environment.

And they are actively supporting employee well-being and productivity – by providing the modern tools their teams need to succeed in their roles and collaborate effectively.

Form meets function

It can be a challenge to integrate new, functional pieces into a space with breathtaking architecture and bold aesthetics. But the clean lines and polished finish of the new Framery smart pods create a timeless design that harmonizes with the brilliance of Wood City, resulting in uninterrupted alignment between office design and functionality.

“We like to use color to create beautiful combinations that match the interior design and unique vibe of our different offices.”

As Supercell expands the implementation of Framery smart pods to other offices, a wide range of customizable colors and options makes it easy to tailor their smart pods to the unique aesthetic and vibe of each individual space.

“We love that Framery pods are customizable,” says Jaana. This flexibility enables Supercell to create spaces that reflect its culture and values, promoting a sense of belonging and pride among employees.

Connecting people & spaces

The new Framery smart pods provide Supercell with adaptable spaces that have been specifically engineered for the needs of hybrid work. Featuring patent-pending soundproofing technology, automated ventilation, and video-optimized lighting, the new smart pods are supported by people-first technology that helps their people connect together at the office and online.

As with Framery One, the new smart pods provide Supercell with anonymous occupancy data they can use to inform future space planning decisions.

“Framery Connect has helped us to see how effectively our pods are placed by tracking occupancy and analyzing usage rates.”

The Office Experience Team is able to use Framery Connect to analyze the data and gain a better understanding of how its office spaces are utilized based on actual usage patterns, benchmark performance and identify trends or best practices, and optimize their offices worldwide for productivity and well-being.

A culture of growth

Supercell’s success can be attributed to a unified company culture – which emphasizes teamwork, autonomy, and a relentless focus on quality. With plans for further expansion, the company intends to deploy Framery smart pods across its offices worldwide.

As the company expands, Framery smart pods can expand with them, providing versatile and adaptable private spaces for individuals and teams of up to six.

With the installation of the new smart pods, Supercell now has access to the entire suite of Framery Workplace Technology – a collection of new tools and services that help their people to reserve meeting spaces on the go, and enhance focus, privacy, and productivity throughout their offices.

“The new movability kit is great for when we need to change the location of our Framery Four.”

And additional functionalities, such as Framery Connect and the optional movability kit, make it easy for Supercell to make sure their pods are functioning efficiently and placed effectively.

Framery and the future of Supercell

As the first office anywhere with Framery smart pods, Supercell continues to redefine the future of work – creating innovative environments where creativity thrives.

By embracing Framery smart pods, Supercell has demonstrated its commitment to creating an inclusive, inspiring work environment that enables teams to thrive and create games that captivate audiences worldwide.

And their continued reliance on Framery underscores Supercell’s confidence in the quality, reliability, and innovative mindset that allows Framery to meet their evolving needs over time.

Pro Tips

Framery - A new generation of the hybrid workplace solutions

  • A hybrid office is a workplace where employees spend some days in person at the office while working remotely for the rest of the week.
  • The benefits of hybrid work include improved work-life balance, productivity, and job satisfaction, as well as reduced distractions and work stress.
  • The office should be designed to accommodate both in-person and remote workers to reap the benefits of hybrid work.

Framery - A new generation of the hybrid workplace solutions

Pro Tips

Framery One Compact

Framery One Compact is a smart, spacious, one-person phone booth designed for phone and video calls. This state-of-the-art soundproof office pod is packed with technology, featuring world-class sound insulation, echo-free acoustics, adaptive ventilation and automated lighting – so you can focus on your calls and connect online with people anywhere.


Framery One

Framery One is a smart, spacious, one-person workstation designed for video calls and focus work. Contemporary design and advanced technology characterize every detail of this comfortable and versatile workspace. This soundproof office pod features world-class sound insulation, industry-leading ventilation, and echo-free acoustics so you can focus on your work and connect online with people anywhere.


Framery Four

Framery Four is a smart office meeting pod for up to 4 people. This multifunctional soundproof meeting space is engineered for face-to-face meetings and hybrid work from the office. Fine-tuned acoustics and soundproofing provides privacy for discussions and virtual calls. Framery Four's adaptive ventilation and automated lighting let you focus on what really matters and have a successful workday.


Framery Six

Framery Six is a smart meeting room for up to 6 people. This multifunctional soundproof meeting space is tailored for collaborative teamwork and enhanced for face-to-face and hybrid brainstorming sessions. With finetuned acoustics and top-notch soundproofing, it ensures privacy during discussions and virtual meetings. Framery Six's adaptive ventilation and automated lighting ensure your team can focus on what really matters and have a successful workday.


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