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Pioneering the Future of Work

February 3, 2023
Hybrid work means more and more people are faced with the the daily choice of whether to work remotely or head to the office.

The Future is Flexible

The way the world works has changed. Hybrid work means more people are faced with the daily choice of whether to work remotely — or head to the office. This flexibility has created a challenge for many companies who want to keep their people at the office —causing them to compete with the comforts of working from home.

The value of working together at the office isn’t lost  as people are willing to forego remote workdays in exchange for their own work space in the office.  But no matter where people choose to do their work the autonomy and flexibility of hybrid work must be addressed in the office. In other words access to private spaces at work is now more important than ever In an effort to accommodate the changing needs of modern work  offices across the globe are scrambling to create modern  flexible spaces in a a  cost-effective way.

This means building or retrofitting spaces for teams to collaborate in  while providing enough private spaces for phone calls, heads-down work and the onslaught of video conferences taking place throughout the workday.

The Hybrid Work Environment

Framery are experts in creating functional workspaces Framery pods and booths have optimised office spaces across the globe revolutionising the way work gets done around the world. Since 2010 Framery have been on a mission to learn how people use spaces  and what those spaces need in order to be used effectively. Years of research  engineering  and collaborating with other front-runners in workplace development has solidified Framery's position as industry leaders of soundproof meeting spaces

Hybrid workspaces need to be more than a quiet area to make calls —they must create a symbiotic relationship with the offices they are placed in That’s what makes Framery products particularly well-suited to hybrid working environments.

The Perfect Hybrid Upgrade

Offices everywhere are recognising the value of Framery Pods in the hybrid working environment  They’re soundproof versatile and convenient —making them the ideal solution for focused work and meetings at the office and a natural choice for upgrading offices.

“Framery pods are incredibly adaptable lending themselves to an ever-changing work-place ” says Lasse Karvinen Framery’s Head of Products “They’re not just sound-insulated booths — they’re thoughtfully designed working spaces that have been engineered to work in tandem with their surroundings ” Framery Pods are cost-effective as well — an additional benefit for facility managers and property owners “They can easily be reconfigured and relocated without the need for any major interior renovations making them perfectly suited to adapting and upgrading hybrid offices ”says Karvinen.

Pro Tips

2 Hybrid Work spaces from Framery

The Perfect Hybrid Workspace?

Countless people around the world use Framery pods for hybrid work —bringing their own devices and connecting to their virtual meetings. To bring the most value hybrid workspaces should be functional flexible and fully stocked. Here’s what that means;


A comfortable and usable working environment that is:

  • Guaranteed to provide privacy with two way sound insulation
  • Supportive of individual work habits and preferences
  • Available when needed
  • Conveniently located and
  • Easy to relocate


An adaptable and modern workplace that is:

  • Suited for a variety of uses from phone calls to meetings and videoconferences
  • Designed for individual and team use — both in-person and virtual
  • Accommodating of both scheduled sessions and ad hoc meetings


A digitally advanced meeting space that is:

  • Supplied with furniture that encourages collaboration and helps get work done
  • Equipped with leading video conferencing that works with the touch of a button
  • Connected to quality video conferencing software and integrated to calendars

2 Hybrid Work spaces from Framery

Pro Tips

Framery 2Q

Not only a pod, but a full-sized meeting room

Designed for 4-6 people, Framery 2Q meeting pod is the ideal place to co-create, brainstorm and meet together. Framery’s superior sound insulation and echo-free acoustics ensure that your meetings won’t disturb the office – and the office noise won’t disturb you.


Framery One

Framery One - The world's first connected soundproof pod

Framery One is stylish, super smart, and the best place in the office to take a video call. This advanced pod is a highly adaptable workspace where you won’t be disturbed by outside noise or distractions. Packed with the latest technology, leading sound insulation standards, and echo-free acoustics, Framery One has been engineered to let you focus on your work, and connect online with people anywhere.


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