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Air0 now available in Australia & New Zealand

March 7, 2023
Air0 - Minimal Finnish design meets superior function. Ideal for workplaces, offices, schools, kindergartens, even for homes .

Professional Air Purifiers from Finland.

We are excited to  be bringing Air0 Purifiers to Australia and New Zealand as the new authorised distributor of Air0 Ltd. Air0, a leading manufacturer of high-quality air purifiers is excited to be supplying Air0's cutting-edge technology and innovative products to Australia and New Zealand, helping to improve the air quality in businesses, and public spaces across the region.

Air0's air purifiers use patented technology to remove harmful particles and pollutants from the air, creating a cleaner healthier environment for people to live and work in. The products are designed to be easy to use remotely from anywhere, energy-efficient, and effective at removing a wide range of pollutants, including viruses and bacteria. The uniqueScandinavian design matches the needs of even the most demanding customers.

“COVID has taught us a lesson to be aware of what we breathe. It’s not just the viruses, but also other pollutants, microbes, bacteria and so on. Director of Envoy Furniture Jon Steiner also acknowledges that Bush fires and floods plays a role indoor air quality here in Australia. “We offer a variety of products for enhancing well-being and productivity at work, and Air0 Purifiers complements the offering perfectly. Air0 Purifiers meet the high standards of our customers.”

Air0's Game Changing 'CADR'...

Air0 are a stand-alone solution for where ever indoor air needs to be cleaned enabling 'Clean Air Delivery Rates' (CADR) of up to 770 cubic metres per hour with the smAIRt®600 and 642 cubic metres per hour with the PURE600, 2-3 times higher than industry average. While Air0's unique smAIRt® Technology removes even the most harmful ultra-fine particles including TVOC, gases, smoke, allergens, mould, viruses and bacteria from the air.

Pro Tips

The best way to clean indoor air

Traditionally, mechanical and electrical filtration have been the main technologies for purifying indoor air. Used alone, they both have limitations and need to compromise on either filtration efficiency or the air flow. Air0’s patented smAIRt® Technology combines these two in an unique way to deliver unrivalled purification performance.

smAIRt® 4-step filtration system

The patented smAIRt® filtration system has four levels and the unique technology brings the best out of mechanical and electrical filtration. As a result, indoor air is purified efficiently in the whole room.

Step 1.

smAIRt® pre-filter is a fibre filter. It’s main purpose is to protect the inner parts of the purifier. It also collects dust and bigger particles from the air.

Step 2. Charger

smAIRt® Charger uses ionizing to efficiently charge impurities. This electrical charge makes even the finest particles stoppable with filters.

Air0 Purifiers use unique ionizing method, which enables effective charging results with low voltage levels.

Step 3.
Fineparticle filters

smAIRt® fineparticle filters are fibre filters. Their task is to stop particles (even ultrafine sized below 0.1 μm), allergens, mold spores, bacteria and viruses.

Step 4.
Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is the last phase in smAIRt® filtration system. Activated carbon is integrated into the surface of the fineparticle filters. The function of activated carbon is to stop gaseous compounds (VOC, gases emitted by mold spores). In addition, it stops ozone and as such, also reduces the total amount of ozone in the room.

The best way to clean indoor air

Pro Tips


Smart functions

Loaded with smart functions the smAIRt®600 can be operated locally, or from anywhere through the Air0 app, allowing you to schedule functions, view reports and diagnostics.



'Pure600', an extremely high and proven 'Clean Air Delivery Rate' (CADR)

With air purifiers, the most important factor is Clean Air Delivery Rate, CADR. In other words, how much clean air the air purifier is able to produce. It’s a simple calculation of air flow x filtration efficiency.

Air0 Purifiers have excellent CADR values, enabled by our unique and patented technology, combining mechanical and electrical filtration in an optimal way. The filtration system is described in more details below.


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