Mute Ceiling Absorber

Mute is a sound-absorbing module that can be combined in many ways. The absorbers are suspended separated by 50 or 100 mm. Suspend it from the ceiling to create space separators and effective sound barriers. Mute makes it possible to create separate areas and a very pleasant sound environment while preserving the room’s openness. - Each Mute installation is adapted to the customer’s specific space.


67-0305, 375 x 575 mm
67-0505, 575 x 575 mm
67-0805, 800 x 575 mm
67-1205, 1200 x 575 mm
67-0512, 575 x 1200 mm

67-P001, 375 x 1200 mm
67-P002, 575 x 1200 mm
67-P003, 800 x 1200 mm
67-P004, 1200 x 1200 mm
67-P005, 375 x 1825 mm
67-P006, 575 x 1825 mm
67-P007, 800 x 1825 mm
67-P008, 1200 x 1825 mm
67-P009, 575 x 1825 mm
67-P010, 1200 x 1825 mm
67-P011, 1200 1825 mm

Thickness: 65 mm
Contact us for a quotation and drawings of other dimensions.


MDF frame. Mineral wool filling and external cover of textile. To be mounted using cable and cable lock. Length of cable: 1.5 metres. A hook for ceiling fastening is not supplied.


Cara, Carlow from Camira Fabrics, price class 1
Event Screen from Gabriel, price class 1
Blazer Lite from Camira Fabrics, price class 2
Twist from Gabriel, price class 2
Floyd Screen from Kvadrat, price class 2
Gaja from Gabriel, price class 3
Remix from Kvadrat, price class 3
Blazer, Synergy from Camira, price class 3
Melange Nap, Fiord from Kvadrat, price class 4

For other fabrics, request quotation.

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