Kin sit-stand desk base

A craftsmanship inspired interpretation of our sit-stand desk base collection that you can add any table top too.

The wood trim on the side panels intends to add an element of warmth to the all-metal structure. Like other sit-stand desks in the collection, Kin is equipped with our reliable electronic height-adjustable feature. This allows easy transition between sit and stand work styles. Kin is the sweet-spot option between design and function.

A better way to work

Stay on your feet! Active working is a better way to work. Not only does it create a healthier and more interactive workplace, it can also promote a more balanced lifestyle. Transition easily between sitting and standing!

Colour Options

White and woodgrain

Black and woodgrain


Hop sit-stand desks are built with steel tubes that are cold-drawn 3 times to ensure precision and consistency.

Fit a desk top upto
1800 x 1200mm

Frame Width (mm)
W 1065 - 1665

Frame Depth (mm)
D 520

Base Depth (mm)
D 720

Desk Height (mm)
H 650 - 1300

Travel Speed (mm/sec)

Motor Noise (dB)
< 52

Function Load (kg)
91 (recommended)

Max. Weight Load (kg)
136 (recommended)

Levelling adjustments (mm)
H 50

Power Consumption at 80 kg(W)
280 (operating) / 0.7-0.9 (static)

Nominal Output Voltage (VDC)

Nominal Output Current (A)


Kin is supported on steel tubes that are cold drawn 3 times by high-precision, fully automated laser-cutting machines.

This non-contact, controlled production process creates minimal to almost-zero production tolerance.


Kin has a telescopic base that can be easily adjusted to any desired width between 1165 – 1665 mm.


The dual motor system provides precise synchronised adjustments for fast, smooth, and quiet operation.


The anti-collision mechanism is triggered by a built-in sensor that automatically stops and retracts few centimetres when obstacles are detected during adjustment.

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