Dezibel 2.0 Floor Screen

The Dezibel floor screen has high quality with respect to both design and noise reduction, and it can be used not only as decoration in the interior design of public environments but also as a screen in office surroundings.


Round: Ø 1020 mm, H: 1320 mm
Square: B: 1200 mm, H: 1500 mm
Wide: B: 1600/1800/2000 mm, H: 1500 mm
Tall: B: 600 mm, H: 1850 mm

Thickness: 70 mm
Height of foot: 300 mm
Footplate Round: Ø 490 mm
Footplate other models: 490×490 mm


An MDF core with mineral wool filling and external cover of textile.
The foot part of the bottom plate is of painted steel, RAL 7032.
Column of white-stained solid ash.


Cara, Carlow from Camira Fabrics, price class 1
Event Screen from Gabriel, price class 1
Blazer Lite from Camira Fabrics, price class 2
Twist from Gabriel, price class 2
Floyd Screen from Kvadrat, price class 2
Gaja from Gabriel, price class 3
Remix from Kvadrat, price class 3
Blazer, Synergy from Camira, price class 3
Melange Nap, Fiord from Kvadrat, price class 4

For other fabrics, request quotation.

Available in round, wide, tall and square shapes.

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