Chameleon Pinning - Shapes

These pinning boards combine functionality and design. Match several boards together into a personal constellation. Chameleon Pinning Shapes are made of all natural materials.

Why Chameleon Pinning Shapes pinboards?
Keep alternating them

Chameleon Pinning Shapes have a magnetic surface on the back. By mounting the metal brackets on the wall, the panels can be hung exactly where you want and changed again later. Combine the Chameleon Pinning Shapes in different colours or with the Writing Shapes for a fun effect and the option to combine pinning and writing.

Sound absorbing effect

The bulletin material of Chameleon Pinning Shapes consists exclusively of natural materials, 45% of which are recycled. The base material of organic cork contributes to the natural appearance of the Shapes. Chameleon Pinning Shapes improve the acoustics by the sound-absorbing property of the material. The number of boards that you use directly affects the degree of sound absorption.

  • Size: ø 60 cm
  • Surface: bulletin, completely organic of which 45% is recycled
  • Warranty pinning surface: 1 year
  • Product warranty: 2 years on structure and defects
  • Charastaristics pinning surface: bacteriostatic and self-repairing
  • Sound absorption: αw 0.1 typical
  • Thickness: 16 mm

Chameleon Pinning Shapes Colours


Chameleon Pinning Shapes – Six-Square are supplied with a very easy assembly system. You assemble it using steel plates measuring 30×30 cm, which you screw onto the wall using a template. The magnetic sheet on the back of the pinboard ensures that it stays fixed to this steel sheet. This magnetic system makes it possible to hang the pinboards perfectly straight and, in a constellation, to constantly alternate them.

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