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Urban Islands


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The unique shape based on simple geometry of several oval features and three levels of horizontal surfaces offer a new perspective on the seating elements in urban spaces.

Large Island for sitting, the higher one serves to lay the laptop, the highest one as a backrest. 

Modules can stand alone or be linked in a playful archipelago.

Intersection of shapes, various orientations of wooden panels and different colours of corpuses complete the overall effect.

Wood on the horizontal surfaces may be replaced with high-pressure laminate (HPL) whose smooth surfaces, colour and graphic diversity create yet a different graphic character.

Possibility of combination is not unlimited but is so wide that it will satisfy any creative architect who desires something new and unusual for their project.

Awarded the prize 'Czech Grand Design' Producer of the Year 2012

The body is formed by the galvanized steel structure coated with powder paint finish. Seat or rather the upper surface of tropical wood or acacia wood or high-pressure laminate (HPL), monochrome or with the application of any graphic theme.