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Trestle Table & Bench

Jennifer Newman Studio

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The Trestle Table as part of the new Inside-Outside multi-purpose furniture collection. The tops are constructed from laminated polypropylene birch ply, making a product that lends itself well to inside and outside use. The legs are constructed in steel, offering a very robust understructure, protected from the elements with a special primer and a hard-bake powder-coat finish.

Trestle Table surfaces are available in Light Grey and White. Suitable for Outside-Inside use. Trestle Legs are available in the standard range of Jennifer Newman finishes or any RAL colour to order.

Trestle Table & Bench

Powder-coated steel legs with bolted lacquered ply surfaces

Colour choice

The powder-coating comes in a range of standard colours but any RAL colour can be chosen

Surface choices

Birch ply as standard
Lacquered birch ply
Ply or laminated hardwood can be specified

Optional extras

Special colours for trestle legs
Special finishes to the other ply including laminates
Additional supports when legs at end
Bespoke power and cable management


Sizes to suit the economical use of materials are given below but bespoke sizes are also available


1800 X 900 X 750 (8 PEOPLE)

2400 X 900 X 750 (10 PEOPLE)


900 X 360 X 450 (2 PEOPLE)

1800 X 360 X 450 (3 PEOPLE)

2400 X 360 X 450 (4 PEOPLE)