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Partitioning system paravento

The partitioning system paravento serves for the structuring of rooms and for the visual and acoustic shielding. The paravento space organization system from ophelis offers many possibilities to create different zones for concentrated work, communication and relaxation.

At a glance

Fusion of high technical functionality and a cosy look and feel.
The system acts as a visual link between the areas of communication, work and relaxation.
Paravento creates a pleasant open-plan setting and fits into other areas of the office with its unique style and material appearance.
With its wide variety of options for optical and acoustic shielding, it addresses the need for spaces of relaxation even in open-plan spaces.
Paravento may stand freely in a space and – as the paravento screen – can also be used at a table.
Paravento is available in three different thicknesses: S, M and L.

S (slim) is exclusively for visual shielding
M (medium) blocks out noise effectively and offers organizational design options
L (large) offers the option of connecting to the grid

The system is supplemented by paravento air (ceiling mounted) and the freestanding paravento hub modules.

Naturally also available as acoustically effective version

Available as acoustically effective version in the thicknesses M and L.
Noticeable reduction of reverberation sound times.
Enables the performance of work without any disruption in the open structures of modern working environments.