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Lemon Whiteboard Paint

Lemon Whiteboard Paint

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Big ideas deserve space, but traditional whiteboards limit creativity. Lemon knew there had to be a better way to encourage boundless thought.

The success of the modern business relies on the ability of its people to communicate, collaborate and, above all, exchange ideas. A Lemon Whiteboard Paint wall is revolutionary and fundamentally changes the way people work.

Highly versatile.

Lemon Whiteboard Paint turns virtually any smooth surface into a functioning writing surface.

Erases perfectly every time.


Compatible with most standard dry-erase markers.

We recommend the following pen brands: Staedler, Penflex, BIC, Edding, Artline, and Pilot.

5 year-warranty.

Every Lemon Whiteboard Paint wall comes with a standard 5 year-warranty, which guarantees the product against cracking, staining , yellowing and peeling. 

Superior product at a competitive price.

We offer better value for money, not just compared to standard whiteboards but also compared to other paints. Feel free to compare us.

Environmentally responsible.

Lemon Whiteboard Paint is water-based, virtually free from fumes and safe for use in interior spaces, making it environmentally friendly. Traditional whiteboards have a short life span and are discarded regularly, whereas Lemon Whiteboard Paint has superior longevity that decreases your carbon footprint substantially. Lemon Whiteboard Paint is a low VOC-product using only 18 grams per litre.