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Cloudz Ceiling Tiles


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Ceiling absorber Cloudz are designed to hang in layers above each other and have holes to easily suspend the desired amount of insulation between them according to your requirements.

They are available in five variations to create a playful, undulating stratosphere of absorption.

Ceiling insulation is a good complement to other types of absorption.

The mineral wool ZilenZio use as insulation in their products is a natural material that has the same sound absorption qualities as snow. Wood comes mainly from Swedish forests to the north of ZilenZio's factories in Örebro. A ZilenZio panel is a small piece of Scandinavian nature, but placed indoors.


Cloud One: 940x940 

Cloud Two: 1170x890 

Cloud Three: 1120x1170 

Cloud Four: 1550x1200 

Cloud Five: 1720x1130