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The Bill line.

A haven for casual meetings, a chat amongst colleagues, a phone call, a place to concentrate away from the desk...

With a wall. With a built-in TV. With lights. With power and data wired into the frame itself. From 2 seats to 200 - although we don't know were we could fit a configuration that size! We are only just starting to see the potential of Bill + Ben the Meeting Dens.

Available as 2, 4 & 6 seat.

6 person: 
D:1800 W:2200 H:2050
Table height: 720
Seat height: 450
4 person:
D:1200 W:2200 H:2050
Table Height: 720
Seat Height: 450

2 person:
D:600 W:2200 H:2050
Table Height: 720
Seat Height: 450


The Bill range can be combined with Ben elements to create unique spaces.



Lighting: Customers Own or built in LED spots. 

Cable management: Options for table boxes are available. 

Ceiling aperatures: Cut outs for lighting and/or sprinklers - you can specify the size, location and number to accommodate for the light/accessory configuration of your choice.

Enclosing Wall: Optional wall can be fixed to one side to create a more private space. This wall can be prepared to accept a mounted display.