ophelis docks @ Orgatec 2014 | 30/01/2015

Turn your office into a village!

How do we work? How do we live? Can we combine the two? What are the requirements for creating ideal working conditions? ophelis answers these questions. Based on insights gained from the “The Start of a New Work Order” trend analysis commissioned by ophelis the company focuses on design concepts and solutions that make the workplace more attractive. This can be compared to a village – community spirit, communal areas, meeting points, identification, multi-generational cooperation, effective communication, jobs, opportunities to retreat and privacy. Experts advise companies and organizations to create an attractive work environment that offers opportunities for communication, community and identification as well as private retreats, focused working or project work, effectively turning the office into a functioning village. In short: Turn your office into a village!

Cosiness increases well-being in open-concept offices

Functionality and ergonomics are two of the basics of design. Solutions, which create zones and bring cosiness in the office and thereby contribute to the well-being of employees, are factors which effect the working environment in a sustainable and future-proof way. For that purpose ophelis shows comprehensive solutions at the Orgatec: with product extensions for the successful ophelis docks concept, the new room divider system paravento, as well as new surfaces and textiles to support the trend.

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ophelis orgatec 2014 01
ophelis orgatec 2014555749
14 docks Leseecke
ophelis orgatec 201455571D
01 openspace Akustik
02 docks Treffpunkt
04 ophelis docks Kre554475
04 ophelis docks Kre55447D
05 U4 Bench
05 U4 Bench 01
06 ophelis docks pic55445D
07 Paravento Telefon55442D
07 docks Picknick Paravento
08 ophelis docks Hig554427
08 ophelis docks Highbench
09 Konzentriertes Arbeiten
09 ophelis Glider
10 Besprechung 01
10 Tangens Loft
12 Empfang U4
13 ophelis radoppio 02
12 ophelis docks Ses5543A0
13 radoppio